I collaborate within a circle of leading creatives to build brand strategy, corporate identity and marketing collateral.


Call me if you are starting up, or need to streamline your brand. Have a look at how I communicate on Instagram.


I have 2 decades of award-winning agency experience and ran my own studio for 6 years, focussing on brand strategy since 2020. More details are on my LinkedIn.


My fees are value-based, so budgets fit the cost of the problem. Typically, projects range from R20k – R250k (ZAR), with a minimum engagement fee of R6k.


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“We consider Alex and his team to be an extension of our own, and we’ve worked with them on a number of projects – big and small. We love that we can collaborate with them as partners, rather than work through a traditional supplier/client relationship. It means we can work alongside each other to create work that is crafted, well thought out and beautiful.”

Emma King ~ The Friday Street Club, SA

“From the get go, they just got it! They took our ideas and perfected them. The result, a brand identity that comprises every aspect of our business. Their creative vision is contagious and their meticulous approach is visible in so many details. Through all of this, they made a personal contribution to every job and truly understood our specific needs. They will be there every step of the way as our brand continue to grow. More than this they are simply fun to work with.”

Gwynnedd Laubscher ~ The Country Butcher, SA

“Alex and his team have created, from formative thinking and lots of dreams, a superb tool to help us in this pitch document. From a beginning many months ago and an idea based around golden hearts and wellness, to a formative, very grown up strategy, and now this refined marketing document and presentation. In my view, this is award winning work. Truly here we were, all together, better.”

Nicki Page ~ TLC, UK

“I love the authentic route they are taking, the connection between nature, holistic lifestyle and how that gets integrated and expressed in their creative work. How their natural environment is playing a big influence on the work rather than the work being influenced by the pressures of social media. It shows through in the integrity and soul of their creative work.”

Marcelle van Wyk ~ Sello Studio, UK

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